Grand Central Consulting


From traditional opposition research to time-sensitive rapid response, Grand Central’s
research programs are rooted in thoroughness and focused on providing clients with valuable information that will enable them to succeed.

Opposition Research

Opposition research is the process of collecting and analyzing information so that it can be used throughout the course of a campaign to hold an opponent accountable for past actions and statements, as well as educate the client candidate or organization about the opponent’s potential strengths.

Grand Central Consulting draws on a variety of resources and methods, from on-site visits to courthouses and government agencies to online databases that hold decades of public records and media coverage, to research every aspect of an opponent’s background.

Once the information collection process is complete, Grand Central Consulting analyzes the material and produces comprehensive deliverables with primary source materials that the client will be able to use as the foundation of its messaging and communications efforts for the duration of the campaign.

Vulnerability Assessment

Employing the same tactics used in opposition research, Grand Central Consulting conducts “self-research” vulnerability assessments for both campaigns and businesses.  A vulnerability assessment takes a critical look at the history and background of the candidate or organization in order to determine potential weaknesses that could be exposed by an opponent, as well as the most effective defenses that can be drawn from the client’s own record.

Rapid Response

Campaigns and businesses exist in a round the clock media environment which often demands instant action.  Whether the goal is to fight back against an opponent’s claims or distribute your own message in a timely manner, every rapid response team needs research savvy and experience in order to quickly locate the facts it needs and package them effectively.  Grand Central Consulting provides rapid response support to all of its clients, and also engages with clients who find themselves in the midst of an ongoing crisis requiring immediate, real-time research support.

Donor Vetting

Grand Central Consulting offers campaigns customized donor vetting programs that focus on reviewing donor information through a political lens.  The most perilous aspect of fundraising for a campaign is not the time it requires, but the risks presented by controversial donors.  As the saying goes, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.  It is critical that campaigns do not overlook the fact that revelations of donors with controversial pasts or current conflicts of interest have the potential to be extremely damaging to a campaign’s prospects.